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200X Pocket Microscope Lens for Phones

200X Pocket Microscope Lens for Phones

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Explore the microscopic world with this innovative 200X Pocket Microscope Lens, designed to transform your smartphone into a high-powered microscope. This lens is compatible with a broad range of smartphones, including the latest iPhone and Samsung models, offering up to 200X magnification based on your phone's screen size and magnification features. Enhanced with a Circular-Polarizing Lens (CPL) filter, it significantly improves picture clarity and color saturation, making it perfect for diverse applications like laboratory work, jewelry appraisal, and art analysis. The lens features full multi-coating optics for sharp, detailed images. Its universal clip allows for easy attachment to nearly 98% of smartphones, and its lightweight, app-free design adds to the convenience. The package includes the microscope lens, a USB cable, a user manual, a cleaning cloth, and a carrying bag for mobile exploration. Ideal for STEM education, health diagnosis, or outdoor exploration, this Pocket Microscope Lens opens up a world of detailed discovery right from your smartphone.
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